Top Ten Tuesday – Movie Freebie!


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is not book related, but should still be fun – Movie Freebie! With the weather getting colder and December only a few weeks away (yikes), I’m going with Top Ten Movies I Watch Each Winter.

Now, some of these wouldn’t necessarily make a film critic’s greatest-of-all-time list but I still love them!


Harry Potter – Because the year just doesn’t feel complete with out a HP marathon!

Little Women – I love this one! Now if I can just convince my husband to watch it with me.

Die Hard – It’s technically a Christmas movie, right?

Star Wars – A Star Wars marathon is great on a snow day.

The Holiday – This is total fluff and I love it.

Anne of Green Gables – I must watch this every winter. No matter what.

A Christmas Story – Tradition.


Elf – I love Elf! It cracks me up. My neighbors have a huge Buddy cutout they put up every year that is awesome. They also have a HUGE blowup Stay Puft marshmallow man they put out during Halloween. Basically, they have amazing taste in holiday decor.

Home Alone – A classic.

Love, Actually – I have a very serious love of this movie. My favorite story line is probably the Colin Firth one but they are all great.

Do you re-watch movies during the winter months? What are some of your favorites?


Top Ten Tuesday – Freebie Week!


This weeks’ Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie week!

I’ve decided to pick a previous TTT topic – Top Book to Movie Adaptations!


1. To Kill a Mockingbird – This is one of my all-time favorite books AND one of my favorite movies. I think they did such a great job with the casting of this film; I can watch this movie over and over.


2. Pride & Prejudice – Confession: I am a total sucker for all things P&P! I enjoy most adaptations of this novel. I just really enjoy the story and characters!

little women

3. Little Women – I absolutely adore the film version with Winona Rider and Christian Bale (any other Christian Bale lovers out there?) I like to watch this at least every other winter!

hp film

4. Harry Potter – Okay, of course I’m putting this on the list. I mean, come on!


5. Stephen King Adaptations – I’m cheating here but there are SO MANY great film adaptations of King novels. I’m thinking particularly of Stand By Me, Carrie, and The Shining, just to name a few!

Honorable mention to Gone Baby Gone/Mystic River/Shutter Island – film adaptations of Dennis LeHane books tend to be pretty darn good, in my opinion!

You’re turn! What are your favorite adaptations?

The Oscars? Meh.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Oscars. They are kind of my Super Bowl (unless the Broncos are playing, then the actual Super Bowl is my Super Bowl.)

I print out nomination sheets and make my friends and family fill them out – winner gets bragging rights for a year. I text my out-of-state friends all night long, commenting on the crazy dresses, the best (and awful) performances, the people that should have won, etc.

But this year? This year, I’m just not feeling it.

I’ve watched two of the best picture nominees – The Martian and Mad Max, which I both highly recommend. I’d love to watch some of the other nominated films like The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, and The Revenant. I’ve never even heard of Spotlight and I had no clue they turned Room into a movie (but I can recommend the book!) I’m sure I’ll watch them eventually. Maybe.

At the very least I plan on watching the animated and live shorts, which usually pop up On Demand a few weeks before the ceremony.

I hope my love of all things Oscars isn’t fading and it’s just an off year. I guess time will tell. Are you planning on watching? Who are you rooting for?

Winter is coming.

No, I’m not referring to Game of Thrones. I am not excited about the cold weather but I am excited about Harry Potter! When I think of winter, I think of afternoons on the couch watching movies or snuggled up in bed with a book.

As far as winter movies go, my personal favorite (which is also one of my favorite book series), is Harry Potter. I also can’t get through winter without watching Anne of Green Gables – also a wonderful series – Love Actually, and Die Hard (!) What are your favorite winter movies?