It’s a tour! It’s a blitz! Does it work?


As the release of my book, The Trouble with Family, approaches, I am starting to think about promotional tools. Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. But now I’m finally ready to start actively trying to schedule things!

The problem? There are so.many.options. And such a wide variety of prices! I’ll cover the various promotional sites I end up using in a later post, but for now I want to talk about book blog tours.

If you don’t know, a book blog tour is a virtual way for authors to promote their books. There is usually some type of giveaway involved and the various promotional blog posts can include interviews, excerpts, reviews, guest posts, etc.

I’ve been reading a lot about these tours and feelings seems to be mixed. Some writers consider a tour an essential part of promoting a book while others consider it a waste of money.

Instead of a full-out book blog tour, I’ve decided to do a book blitz with YA Bound Book Tours.  The blogger’s posts will include my book cover, summary, buy links, and an excerpt. The cost is $30 (compared to the $100+ a tour can cost.)

The blitz will start on my release date and run for a week. I will come back and post the results of the blitz, for those that are curious!

So, my question to you…If you’ve participated in a book blitz or tour, what was your experience? Would you do it again?