Top Ten Tuesday – Holiday Gift Guide!


‘Tis the season to buy stuff so this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is very appropriate – Holiday Gift Guide Freebie! Here are some fun literary-themed gifts I think are pretty great!


Literary Tattoos by Litographs – They have everything from Pride & Prejudice to Moby Dick and only cost $5 for a set of 2!


I always welcome an Amazon Gift Card. Always.


There are a lot of Harry Potter Ornaments out there. This one from B&N is pretty adorable.


Whosits and Whatsits has a ton of cute stuff! If you like your literary clothing a little more subtle, try this Peter Pan crew neck.


I love a good book subscription and when it comes to Young Adult books I think Owl Crate is the best!


If tattoos aren’t your thing, Litographs also has fun scarfs! This one has 30,000 words from Anne of Green Gables printed on it! You can even pick from a variety of colors.


If you like the idea of a book box but don’t want to commit to a subscription, Out of Print has a book box! Just wait for a theme you like and you’re good to go!


Beyond the Pages19 has super fun magnetic bookmarks, including these Gone with the Wind ones. For less than $5 you have a great gift! There are also some Gilmore Girls options!


The New York Public Library sells these fun memo pads! The NYP Library sells a lot of great literary items so I recommend browsing their site!


The library nerd in me loves Dewey-related gifts. This necklace is a good example!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else posts for this one! Feel free to share your list in the comments below!

My favorite book sub boxes!

I happen to love subscription boxes (love.) The ones I typically try out are beauty or lifestyle-related (ipsy, birchbox, etc.) but did you know there are some great book-related subscription boxes out there as well? I don’t have room to list them all (there are a lot!) but here are my top three:

Book of the Month: I received an annual subscription to this as a Christmas gift and I’m absolutely loving it! Each month you choose between five titles. The books are chosen by various judges and there is usually a new guest judge each month (Mayim Bialik, David Sedaris, and Whoopi Goldberg have been past judges.) Every title you get is a hardcover!

Pros: You get to choose your book, you can add on extra books, you can skip a month if there is nothing that sounds interesting.

Cons: The forum to discuss books isn’t very active.

LitCube:This is a fun subscription for people that love all things book-related! Each month has a theme and the boxes come with books and goodies such as book-themed coffee mugs, jewelry, and snacks!

Pros: You get fun items in addition to your books, the themes are fun (past boxes include Home Sweet Oz, Royals, and Supernatural), and they have limited edition boxes as well – Gilmore Girls is up next!

Cons: Unlike Book of the Month, you do not get to choose your book titles.

Powell’s Indiespensable:This subscription is delivered every 6-8 weeks and features books from independent publishers. This is a great way to discover books you may not normally be aware of.

Pros: The books are often signed first editions! You also tend to get extras in the box including bookmarks and snacks.

Cons: I find that it’s often hard to get signed up for this box. They sell out quickly and you have to wait weeks until you can subscribe.

If you read a lot of YA, Owl Crate is also really popular, though haven’t tried it yet!

Do you get any book subscriptions? What is your favorite?

Just FYI, the above are not affiliate links, just adding them to be helpful 🙂

A Bookish Christmas

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

This year was the first time we hosted Christmas at our house and, I must say, it was a success! I didn’t burn the food, the dogs didn’t eat the gifts, and a fun time was had by all (phew!) On top of that, I got a ton of book-related gifts and thought it would be fun to share.

First, I received a Kindle Fire. I’d been using a Nexus but it’s a few years old and was so slow it became impossible to use. So far, I really like it!


Next, I received some fun stuff from Out of Print Clothing, one of my favorite book-related stores. I got a Great Gatsby t-shirt, Alice in Wonderland socks, and Card Catalog socks (which is appropriate, since I work in a library!)


Finally, I received a book-themed iPhone case. Last year I got a fun Harry Potter case but it didn’t last too long. This one seems nice and sturdy though.


So basically my  in-laws know me pretty well! How about you all? Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get any fun book-themed gifts?


Book-related Gift Idea


Earlier I posted about Out of Print Clothing as a fun book-related gift idea. Well, I’ve got another one – Frostbeard Candles!

I personally love candles and have at least one in each room of my house. So when I can buy candles that are also book-related that is a huge win! Frostbeard has a Book Lovers Collection that includes scents with titles such as “Bookwork,” “Gatsby’s Mansion,” “Reading at the Cafe,” and “Pumpkin Juice.” They sell through Etsy and, along with buying a book-related candle, you are supporting a small business!

Have you tried Frostbeard candles? What did you think?

*I should note that I am posting about these products because I honestly enjoy them and think they would make fun gifts, nothing more*

Out of Print Clothing


Every winter I have to make a Christmas list and send it to my family. I would be perfectly happy with Amazon gift cards so I can buy a bunch of eBooks. However, that’s not exactly thrilling for the gift purchaser so I have to come up other ideas.

One of my favorite go-to websites is Out of Print Clothing ( I first learned about them when we started selling their t-shirts at the Borders Books where I worked. (We were a test store and got a lot of fun stuff!)

If you haven’t checked them out, all of the items on their website are book-related and super fun (I am partial to the t-shirts.) On top of that, for each item sold, they donate a book through Books for Africa.

So if you are looking for items to add to your Christmas list (or looking for a gift for a book lover), I recommend them!

Have you purchased through this company? What did you think?

I’ll be posting a few more book-related gift ideas through December as well!