The time has come…

…to pre-order The Trouble with Family!


It’s really surreal to see my book on Amazon (and also mildly terrifying.) I’ve read a few blog posts/opinions stating that placing a book for pre-order really only makes a difference if you are an established author but I’m trying it anyway – can’t hurt, right?

If interested, it’s only $0.99 during the pre-order period. It’ll jump up to $2.99 on March 3, when it’s officially released.

Here’s the Amazon link (it is also available at B&N, Apple, etc):



How low can you go?

As someone that will be publishing an eBook next year, I am super curious about how people decide to price their books.
When I look for a new book to read, the cost is certainly a factor. It it’s too expensive, I’ll wait for it to go on sale. On the other end of that spectrum, if a book is free I may be less apt to read it, unless it has a whole bunch of great reviews (did they get those by giving the book away?) If you have published a book I would love some insight on what you sold your book for, and why!