Literary Cookbooks!

I happen to love cookbooks! If I’m enjoying a meal alone, I’ll flip through one while I eat, picking out meals I’ll probably never make. Some cookbooks I use regularly (Better Homes & Garden’s Bridal Cookbook is my current favorite), and some I only read for fun (because everything in my Emeril cookbook has 5,000 steps takes 2 days to make.)


Recently, a friend of mine received a Bob’s Burgers cookbook as a gift – how fun is that?! This cookbook, based on the TV show, got me wondering about literary cookbooks. So today I’m posting a list of a few Literary Cookbooks I’d love to add to my collection!


The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker – This includes over 100 pioneer recipes. It also has a lot of interesting stories and history so you get to learn while you cook! Looking at the index on Amazon, the food actually sounds really good!


The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz – How fun is this?! Chapters include Treats From the Train, Holiday Fare, and Treats in the Village. Each recipe begins with the inspiration for it’s inclusion, including the specific HP book and chapter.


Cooking with Shakespeare by Mark Morton and Andrew Coppolino – I have a feeling some of the dishes in this may be less than appetizing or have ingredients that may be hard to find in 2016. But that’s part of what would make it so interesting to read, I think.


The Boxcar Children Cookbook by Diane Blain – This cookbook includes passages from actual Boxcar stories that inspired the recipes. One example – Baker’s Bread in a Bag. I would have loved this as a kid.


The Alice in Wonderland Cookbook by John Fisher – I’m curious (or should I say curiouser and curiouser) about this one because I want to know what sorts of recipes are in the book – I imagine they are pretty creative. Unfortunately this one is out of print and a used Hardcover is selling for over $80 on Amazon.

I think these would make fun gifts for book lovers, especially if they like to cook! What are some of your favorite cookbooks?