Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Reading Goals!


It’s the first Top 5 Wednesday of the year! I don’t know about everyone else but I am more than happy to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! This week’s topic: Goals!

1. A 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge of 30 books: This was my goal last year as well and I *just* made it so I’m keeping it the same. Especially since I’m hoping to finally read Outlander this year, which is pretty long.

2. Read Outlander: Ha! Maybe if I put it down as a goal I’ll actually make it happen 🙂

3. Convince my husband to read 1 fiction book!: Every year my non-reading husband makes it a goal to read a few books. I buy him books he may enjoy for Christmas, ask him about what he’s reading, etc. And every year…nothing. This year I WILL get this man to read a fiction book.

4. Most more non-meme stuff: I do a lot of book memes for the majority of my posts, along with a monthly reading recap. This year I would like to post at least 1 non-meme post a month (baby steps!)

5. Have fun! I’m not going to stress too much about what I’m reading this year – if it sounds interesting, I’m reading it!

What are your 2017 reading goals?


Resolution to keep my resolution


I am not usually one to make New Year’s resolutions. This is mainly because, like most people, I don’t stick to them. I always have good intentions but then…life gets in the way.

This year, however, I am making the most cliche resolution there is: exercise more and eat healthy.

2015 was an incredibly busy year for me. With traveling, writing, selling a house, buying a house, and a whole bunch of other things, worrying about working out and eating right was the last thing on my mind.

But when you have to jump up and down to get your jeans on, maybe it’s time to change priorities.

My mom got my husband and I FitBits (thanks, mom!) and that has been really eye-opening so far. I walk WAY less than I thought I did and get less sleep as well.

I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight but if I can feel healthy and good about myself, then I’ll be happy. (And if I can put my jeans on without it looking like a Cirque du Soleil act, then that’s even better.)

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions? Do you find them hard to stick to?