Christmas is where this year?!

In the past, Christmas has always been held at my mother-in-law’s house. It’s an all-day affair starting with breakfast and ending with a huge dinner. Since my husband and I moved into a new house at the end of July, it has been suggested what we hold dinner at our home this time around.
One the one hand, it makes total sense. We have more space and can accommodate the most people comfortably. But on the other hand, having a house full of people from breakfast through dinner sounds…exhausting.
I know it will be fun but there is SO much to think about! Cooking multiple meals, decorating the house, keeping my dog from chewing up the lights on the tree (she is not bright.)
I am cautiously looking forward to this but, as this will be my first foray into hosting, I am open to any tips!

Goodreads – What is it good for?

I love to write and I love to read. I have two Goodreads accounts, in fact.

I keep track of everything I read, make to-read lists, and stay up-to-date on what my friends are reading.

Recently, my cousin suggested that I get on some Goodreads groups. So far I’ve joined a bunch – mostly about YA, writing, and proofreading. I’m on Goodreads all the time anyway, so I may as well take advantage of their groups!

Are you all on Goodreads? Have you joined any groups? If so, how active are you?

Social Media Madness

So everyone is on social media, right? Like most people, I have various accounts – twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, this blog, etc. But I don’t think I use them nearly enough.

I read my Facebook newsfeed and “like” things but I rarely make posts. I love looking at Pinterest pins about super fun crafts I’ll never actually attempt but don’t pin much myself. I scan through twitter feeds but…rarely make posts. Is it strange that I somehow use social media every day to read but not to share? I think I feel a New Year’s Resolution on the way…

Let the fun begin!

Well, this is my very first blog post…ever!

As an aspiring YA writer, I hope to use this blog to write about my journey (both ups and downs), and share information I think may be useful. (And because I can’t help myself, I’ll probably add a few pictures of my super cute dogs, too.)

I read blogs on a daily basis for inspiration, laughs, and knowledge. So why  not try one for myself, right?

Here we go!