Classic Remarks – Jane Austen Adaptation


It’s Classic Remarks time! Anyone can participate – check out Pages Unbound to see the 2016 topics!

This week’s topic: Which Austen adaptation is your favorite and why?

This is a hard one! I really like Jane Austen and I love Austen film adaptations! I’m going to list three because that’s as far as I can narrow it down (there are many others I enjoy that are not on this list!)

pride and prejudice

  1. Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen – I expect to see the P&P miniseries starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth on many bloggers lists, and rightly so. There is something about this version, though, that I can’t get enough of. I love it!


  1. Sense & Sensibility – The cast is amazing and the film is so well done. You can’t go wrong with Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, and Hugh Grant!

 Dalibor Milosevic

  1. Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow – I’m not the biggest fan of Paltrow’s acting for some reason but she really nails it as Emma. I remember seeing this in the theater and wanting to own it immediately!

And I’m going to give an honorary mention to Clueless, which is a loosely based adaptation of Emma, because it’s hilarious.

Your turn – what is your favorite Jane Austen film adaptation?


3 thoughts on “Classic Remarks – Jane Austen Adaptation

  1. I’m with you on your top two. I think both of those versions of P&P and S&S were excellent. They have a way of even holding the interest of young people, which I’m all for. I don’t know if it is so in other countries but, here in the US, the classics aren’t as important as they once were, at least in the public school system.

    I was home-taught for a few years and was introduced to such things in grade school (I peaked over my sister’s shoulder!).

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