August 2016 Reading Recap

Another month gone by, another reading recap post to write!  In August I read three books, keeping me on track to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of reading 30 books this year.


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah : I loved this book! For some reason I stopped reading it after the first chapter originally. A few months later I picked it up again and couldn’t put it down. This is one of those put-a-box-of-Kleenex-next-to-the-bed books. I’m sure this will be made into a film at some point.


The Drop by Dennis LeHane: I really like Dennis Lehane books and this was no exception. I usually read the Kenzie and Gennero titles but this was only $2 on Amazon so I grabbed it. It’s fairly short and if you haven’t read any of his books, this is a good place to start. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’d like to (Tom Hardy + Cute Dog = I’m in.)

wool 2

Wool 2 by Hugh Howey: I read the first book (well, short story) last month and had to get this one right away. Howey really does a great job with bringing these characters to life, especially considering the short length of these stories. I’ve got #3 downloaded and ready to read!

I have somehow been talked into joining a book club starting next month so we’ll see how that goes! We’re reading a book called The Nest, which I’m not particularly excited about but maybe it’ll surprise me – has anyone read it?

Until next time!


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