Library of Congress Fun Facts!


I’ve just returned from a great vacation to D.C. and Virginia Beach and thought it would be fun to posts some book-related stuff from my travels!
Above you will see pictures from my visit to the National Archives and Library of Congress (the LOC building is amazing!)
Here are five “fun facts” about the Library of Congress:

  • Established by an 1800 act of Congress, the LOC is the oldest cultural institution in the country!
  • The Library of Congress is the largest library in the United States
  • The Library acquires approximately 15,000 new items every day.
  • It holds the largest collection of maps in the entire world!
  • The Library of Congress has collected and digitally archived every public tweet on Twitter since 2006 (that is a LOT of tweets!)

As with many institutions open to the public – there is a gift shop. I had to buy a few things, of course! (LOC magnet, Jane Austen coffee mug, and White House Christmas Ornament shown above.)

While I’m mostly discussing the Library of Congress, I highly recommend the National Archives as well (no photography allowed inside, which is why I have no pictures to share). Just be ready for some really long lines since everyone wants to see the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution, which are all on display.

Other trip highlights included the Smithsonian American History Museum, running into Congressman John Lewis at Ted’s Bulletin, Colonial Williamsburg, and a whole bunch of beach time!

Have you been to D.C. or Virginia Beach? What was your favorite part of the trip?


4 thoughts on “Library of Congress Fun Facts!

  1. This sounds like an INCREDIBLE trip. I’m so happy you put a post up about this! Now I’ll spend my afternoon torn with thoughts about all the cool culture/history you’re bringing up…and the fact that the Library of Congress really catalogs all tweets. Ugh…I can’t even IMAGINE what always monitoring the twitter-verse would do to someone!!!

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