Tuesday Talks: Specific Books or Browsing?


In an effort to blog more often, I’ve joined a few Goodreads groups. One is Top Five Wednesday and the other is Tuesday Talks. Both are open to anyone so click the links to join!

The Tuesday Talks this week: Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser?

For me, it’s a mix of both. If I’m at a bookstore (I still miss you, Borders!) then I am definitely a browser. I love strolling around bookstores and discovering new titles. I also browse Amazon pretty frequently. When I travel, I’m 100% a browser. I like to pick up a small paperback to read on the plane and they are usually books I’ve never heard of. On my last trip I grabbed In the Blood by Lisa Unger. Super creepy, by the way!


That being said, I also shop for specific books. I look for books by my favorite authors for sure. Working in a library, I have access to a lot of titles, so I have to narrow it down somehow! I just started reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. After seeing this on numerous must-read and bestseller lists, I looked for it specifically.


Do you all browse or know what you want when you book shop?


One thought on “Tuesday Talks: Specific Books or Browsing?

  1. I do both. I have favorite authors and I always keep an eye out for them. However, when we go to Barnes & Noble, the “only” bookstore in town (though there are some small ones, I first hit the new book sections to see all the new releases. After that, I hit the regular shelves and look for my favorite authors to see if they have anything that slipped by. After that, if I don’t already have something, I start randomly hitting the shelves just to see what’s up. A lot of times my favorite authors only sell on Amazon now so I can’t even get their books in a real store anymore. That sucks!

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