February – Goodreads Challenge

I cannot believe February is already coming to an end! This month, I had to read (1) a book I owned but never read, (2) a book that someone I love loves.

Like last month, I’m going to post 1-2 of my favorite quotes from each book instead of writing a review.

1. A book you own but you never read: Unclaimed by Laurie Wetz. I can’t recall actually purchasing this title and I have absolutely no idea how I even heard about it. Maybe it was from a Cyber Monday sale on Amazon? Here are my two favorite lines:

I’d forgotten how complicated it is to be human.

One day is not enough, but if it’s all I’ve got, I’m going to grab it with both hands and never look back.

2. A book that someone you love loves: All the Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Everyone seems to love this book! I chose it because my mom recently read it and said it was great. The writing is really beautiful and I recommend reading it! My favorite quotes:

Walk the paths of logic. Every outcome has its cause, and every predicament has its solution. Every lock its key.

Open your eyes and see what you can before they close forever.

Next month’s topics: A book that’s a collection of novels, and a book type you don’t usually buy (e-book, paper or audiobook)!

How are you all doing on your Goodreads Reading Challenge? Any favorite books so far?


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