eBook? Paperback? Both?


When it comes to topics of writing and publishing, I find that I have more questions than answers. Being new to the publishing world, I suppose that comes with the territory!
Today I’m wondering about eBooks vs. Print when it comes to self-publishing.
For now, I’m only selling my novel as an eBook. I may sell copies in paperback down the road but I’m just not sold on it yet.
As a librarian, I totally understand the love of having a physical book in your hands. If one of my favorite authors publishes a new title, I definitely buy a hard copy. But…I also love my Kindle! I like that I can just push a button and the book appears. I like that it’s (usually) cheaper to buy. And it’s a lot easier to cart a thin Kindle around with me.
I guess I’m wondering about the advantages of publishing your title as both an eBook and a paperback.
If you have self-published a book, did you sell both eBook and paperback copies of your title? If so, was it worth the time, effort, and cost?
If you’ve sold your novel as only an eBook – would you do it again?
Any other thoughts?


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