New Year’s Eve…on my couch.


The fact that we are 1 day away from 2016 is kind of blowing my mind right now.

Most of the people I know fall into one of two categories when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Group one goes out and parties all night, stumbling home after a night of drinking; and group two stays home watching Ryan Seacrest tell bad jokes before the ball drops. Typically I have high hopes to be part of group one but end up in group two.

This year we’ll be making lots of junk food and watching the various countdowns on TV. Boring? Maybe to some. But for me it’s fun to chill in my PJ’s and reflect on the past year while binging on TV.

I live in the Mountain Time Zone so I’m two hours behind the Eastern Time I grew up with. So the ball dropping at 10 p.m. here is pretty lame but it’s fun for my niece and nephew to actually watch the ball drop in New York; there is no way they could stay up until midnight.

Maybe one of these years I’ll actually go out for NYE but this year I’m looking forward to an evening on my couch.

Do you have any fun NYE plans?


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