A Bookish Christmas

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

This year was the first time we hosted Christmas at our house and, I must say, it was a success! I didn’t burn the food, the dogs didn’t eat the gifts, and a fun time was had by all (phew!) On top of that, I got a ton of book-related gifts and thought it would be fun to share.

First, I received a Kindle Fire. I’d been using a Nexus but it’s a few years old and was so slow it became impossible to use. So far, I really like it!


Next, I received some fun stuff from Out of Print Clothing, one of my favorite book-related stores. I got a Great Gatsby t-shirt, Alice in Wonderland socks, and Card Catalog socks (which is appropriate, since I work in a library!)


Finally, I received a book-themed iPhone case. Last year I got a fun Harry Potter case but it didn’t last too long. This one seems nice and sturdy though.


So basically my  in-laws know me pretty well! How about you all? Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get any fun book-themed gifts?



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