ARC Conundrum

Everything I read tells me that in order to sell copies of my book, I need reviews. A LOT of reviews.

I see services for eBook promotion on Twitter but…I wonder if people scroll past those posts without really looking? Perhaps Goodreads and LibraryThing are best? Or maybe book bloggers?

If you have published a book, did you give out Advance Reader Copies before publication? How many and where?


2 thoughts on “ARC Conundrum

  1. Check out sites that will do Blog Tours for you, usually a small fee to distribute your book to interested bloggers for that genre. Also Netgalley Co-ops are great they list your title and interest bloggers/reviewers can request to read it (this is always better when someone is interest in your book rather they you trying to make them interested). is a great example.

    If you have a lot of time and patience you can usually find sites that list book bloggers for you and you can approach them each individually depending on their review policy. Best of Luck! I’m still navigating my way through this as well.

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